Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"A Path to peace" by Joseph J. Fahey

"A Path to peace" by Joseph J. Fahey (word count: 835)

"Peace Studies – an academic field that is less than fifty years old – is providing some useful insights into how to resolve conflicts between nations without resort to war. Peace scholars tell us that peace has in fact been the dominant human experience, and that war — rather than the rule — is an aberration in human affairs. Nor is war very old. War becomes possible with the advent of territoriality (agriculture) about 10,000 years ago and begins to develop with the rise of cities about 5,000 years ago. "…

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Joseph J. Fahey is Professor of Religious Studies and a member of the Peace Studies Faculty at Manhattan College. He is the author of War and the Christian Conscience: Where Do You Stand?

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