Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Nuclear policy" by Marc Pilisuk

"Nuclear policy" by Marc Pilisuk (word count: 694)

"Within the past year, a statement by Linton Brooks, who speaks for the National Nuclear Security Administration on nuclear weapons issues, should worry those who are concerned about the possibilities of a nuclear war. Brooks told the East Tennessee Economic Council in the city of Oak Ridge , (home to a major nuclear weapons complex), 'The United States will, for the foreseeable future, need to retain both nuclear forces and the capabilities to sustain and modernize those forces. The end of the Cold War did not end the importance of nuclear weapons….I do not see any chance of the political conditions for abolition arising in my lifetime, nor do I think abolition could be verified if it were negotiated'."…

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Marc Pilisuk, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of UC-Berkeley and the author of International Conflict and Social Policy and a co-chair of the Psychologists for Social Responsibility Work Group on Global Violence and Security Peace.

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