Monday, December 10, 2007

What Must Be Done?

520 words

by Michael True

Once again, a scheme lying us into war, this time against Iran, has been exposed. It’s the most recent evidence of duplicity and cruelty that has characterized the worst administration in my seventy-four years; and many other Americans are rightly outraged by its behavior.

The shenanigans of the Bush/Cheney administration have been compounded by the Republican Party, voting overwhelmingly for policies that have undermined democratic governance and America’s reputation among civilized people of the world. As several men and women in England said to me, during a recent discussion of U.S. foreign policy: “We’re mostly liberal and anti-American here.”

Although I understand foreigners criticizing our government, I was genuinely shocked by traditional allies openly expressing their disdain. In spite of our economic and military domination of much of the globe, the U.S. could usually count on the good will of most people—the English, as well as the Chinese. Today, colleagues in both countries remain in disbelief that Americans re-elected George Bush in 2004.

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Michael True, author of People Power: Fifty Peacemakers and Their Communities, 2007, lives in Worcester.

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