Thursday, September 13, 2007

Congress Shortchanges U. S. Citizens

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by Clark Field

With the seriousness of these times – issues from U. S. government occupying Iraq, and Afghanistan, supporting the genocide in Palestine to the tune of billions of dollars annually, torture in Guantanamo, and God knows where else, to the horrific scandal of, mistreatment and mismanagement in, New Orleans, and the lack of health care for approximately 48 million citizens -- how long will we allow Congress to play tricks on us? How long will we, The People, allow Congress to swindle tax revenues from us?

For here's a game played by Congress which we voters fall for. It's called "Other Side of the Aisle." In their public addresses, news conferences, on the floor of Congress, etc., elected representatives in both houses routinely refer to their counterparts in the other major party as being "on the other side of the aisle." Why is that?

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Clark Gabriel Field -- member of the Indiana Peace & Justice Network, associate member of Veterans for Peace, National Call for Non-Violent Resistance, former member: National Committee of War Resisters League
Evansville, IN

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